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Jacuie and AlanDuring August I had the privilege of conducting my first ‘biker wedding’ at Haughton Green. The event caused quite a stir as noisy motor bikes revved up outside the church, Alan (the groom) arrived on his bike, accompanied by a cohort of biker friends, and Jacquie (the bride) arrived in the back of a trike adapted for a wheelchair user. I shared the service with a chaplain to the Christian Motorcyclists Association (CMA), some of whose members were also in the congregation.

The wedding was a moving occasion, as weddings usually are. No matter that we had no hymns or traditional music, or that most people in the church were wearing black leathers – we were in the presence of God, and it was before God that Alan and Jacquie made their vows to one another.

After the service I was given a lift to the party – on the back of another trike! I’m sure some passers by did a double take as a figure wearing a clerical collar sped past them!… It was a memorable day altogether – and here are a few photos to prove it.

Rev Margaret Crawshaw

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